One year of Lickdown. Yes, licks. Mr. Johnson is looking like he's been to hell and back and I'm not surprised, he'd been doing some dodgy deals with the grim reaper. Greed and capitalism may be winning in your eyes but what has it cost? How many lives? Words fail. NPR are tearing it up [...]

some thoughts

So I’m blogging during these strange times of coronavirus. It's really odd because in our blind leading the blind lead up to Covid-19 I found that from October - once I had submitted my PhD - all I wanted to do was be around nature. Every weekend I put my walking boots on and stomped around [...]

Vinyl Community Collaborative Composing Project

Vinyl Community Collaborative Composing Project Hey there lovelies! Here's the page for us to share findings. Context: Task 1: Please introduce yourself and what you'd be interested in contributing to the project to the gang. Task 2: Please share your top 5 tracks which must include orchestral arrangers (soul/jazz/RnB/pop of 60/70s). What do you love [...]

Good news news

For some time now, I've been really fed up with hearing about (mostly) bad news via the media, so typed 'good news' into my browser a few weeks back, I came across this website, The Good News Network. I like the following news stories: 1. Five Things We Need To Teach Our Girls About Female [...]