Mission to the Land of Misplaced Words: “Shebeen Sounds” Shebeen Sounds research period will collect, via audio and photographs, folk songs, music and the associated memories that accompany them. The audio will form the basis of a soundscape that is played throughout the public residency and the images will form part of the visual projections […]


(Photographer Vanley Burke with curator Ian Sergeant) ‘X’ was revolution no. 20, under the Free School events curated by Ian Sergeant. It was inspired by an intriguing, enthralling and what John L. Williams calls a tragicomic story of black political activist Michael X. Initially Ian Sergeant wanted a performance inspired by black British politics in the […]

January is Running Away

I wish I had reigns to control the speedy departure of months, how is it the second week already? Back in Londonshire and it’s time to get back ‘on it’ in terms of musical projects, exciting community music projects and capoeira training. I’ve been in talks with DJing partner in crime Sister 45 and there […]