Hyperlocal Media Music

Hi there!

Framework for hyperlocal media piece will be placed here. So not to use up too much of your time this is what I think we should do:

1. I’ll revise what we spoke about last time. Something about writing a piece for a one man band (Andy is up for being that person). I’ll listen back to conversation and summarise (here) later.

2. How many interactions/sessions would you like? 4-6? Online and offline?

3. We spoke about lyrics being written, anyone up for that? How many verses? Do we follow a verse/chorus framework?

4. We spoke about people being able to interact via social media # hashtag whatever we decided #hyperlocalmediamusic

5. We spoke about a performance happening around BCU

Workshopped Out

Been delivering a fair amount of workshops this term, as well as being busy running new promotion Rea River Soul, last venture was a success, lots of great feedback – woop! The promotion game is a tiring one when you’re work full time, most of us do and I shan’t complain!  Continue reading “Workshopped Out”

Farewell Facebook

I left facebook today and it was really liberating. I left because:

  • It wasted a lot of my time – I excel at procrastinating.
  • I got bored of being poked online and bought virtual drinks.
  • I wrongly thought it would serve as a professional tool.
  • I only seemed to use it for promoting and I can do that on my personal web space/twitter.

Has anyone heard the new Erykah Badu album? New Amerykah, Pt. One (4th World War)? Glossy Madlib production and quasi socio political lyrics about the struggle for African-Americans. As a drum and bass head back at uni I like how it’s beat heavy and has fat, head nodding bass lines. The album is not as a mind blowing as Baduizm and Mama’s Gun but its good to have her back. Favourite tracks are the hypnotic “My people” and “Master Teacher”.