Busy bee

  44_michael-x This summer I have four composition projects on the go, I have never composed so much in my life! It is great but I can't wait to have some down time (which means only thinking about one piece at a time... ) It has been a busy summer.   Fun with Cancer Patients I have just completed work on a project commissioned by Fierce Festival called 'Fun with Cancer Patients'. Lead (performance) artist is Brian Lobel: "Brian Lobel has drawn on his own experience of cancer treatment as a young adult to facilitate a series of ‘actions’ by Birmingham teenage cancer patients. These actions are self-initiated and designed to be of value to the teenagers themselves in processing their experience of cancer. These actions took place following a workshop process over the summer of 2013. The exhibition documents these activities, alongside reflections from medical professionals. " (more…)

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Movements Fi Make

Finding time to write this blog post has proven to be a mission... Nearly in April already! Seriously, wtf!  Time (yes, a constant) appears to racing ahead, feel like I am going to wake up an elderly woman at this rate! Anyway, I've some great projects happening at the moment.  (more…)

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Kismet and Flatpack

Not sure whether I have mentioned this, but last year through conversation with miss Rose, started a project called Kismet. We are a group of likeminded creatives who want to run exciting, innovative activities in Read more…

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The mamas have been asked to DJ at Shambala Festival! We are very grateful to Dan and the Shambala Festival crew for having us back, tis a wonderful intimate festival, boasting a music lover’s selection Read more…

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