Busy bee

  This summer I have four composition projects on the go, I have never composed so much in my life! It is great but I can’t wait to have some down time (which means only thinking about one piece at a time… ) It has been a busy summer.   Fun with Cancer Patients I […]

Respek Vanley: Music Workshops Session 1

The workshops took place today at St. James school Handsworth. It was great to have Prince Jamo‘s support, for him to impart his vast knowledge of reggae music.

Movements Fi Make

Finding time to write this blog post has proven to be a mission… Nearly in April already! Seriously, wtf!  Time (yes, a constant) appears to racing ahead, feel like I am going to wake up an elderly woman at this rate! Anyway, I’ve some great projects happening at the moment. 

Kismet and Flatpack

Not sure whether I have mentioned this, but last year through conversation with miss Rose, started a project called Kismet. We are a group of likeminded creatives who want to run exciting, innovative activities in the cafe space at club PST (cuppled with nice tea and cake). I was in talks about using the space […]

flatpack and fierce festival

is on! If you fancy yourself some culture and supporting curators championing arts in the city, best check out two festivals running concurrently this week. Fierce is all about live art, Flatpack is all about film – bringing it to unusual spaces. Thanks for having mfg! play tunes at your launch party last night, we […]


The mamas have been asked to DJ at Shambala Festival! We are very grateful to Dan and the Shambala Festival crew for having us back, tis a wonderful intimate festival, boasting a music lover’s selection of artists and lots of other fun shenanigans you can get up to. If you wanna catch us we shall […]