“Bobbie-Jane Gardner is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting figures on the dynamic Birmingham new music scene, and one of the most distinctive composers of her generation.”

Joe Cutler, Head of Composition – Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

“Bobbie has been an integral part of the team here at Small Heath from the moment she stepped through door. Always smiling, always pushing the pupils and always striving for the best. The consummate professionalism with a passion for music that the pupils find hard to resist. Bobbie is a real asset to the school, hence we always find a way to get her back in year on year.”

Gurd Uhbie, Head of Creative ArtsSmall Heath School

“Bobbie has been a great collaborator, band member, song writer, facilitator, string arranger and fixer to work with – that’s how versatile she is and there is still more to discover. A lovely gentle human being with a lot of soul and integrity – highly recommended!”

Mark Williams, Artistic Director, Heart n Soul

“Bobbie combines the rigour of a teacher, the flair of a musician and the expertise of a computer geek to engage children in practical and meaningful activities. She has worked with groups and classes of children on many times at my school and the teachers always ask for her back because her expectations of what the children will learn and how they will behave are both so high. Under her guidance, children have learned how to blog, podcast, sing and collaborate, producing writing and songs that we have all been proud of.”

Steve Philp, Deputy Headteacher, Paganel Primary School

“Excellent musician. Skilled, adaptable, personable and great to work with.”

Jeremy Briggs, Tour Producer, Roots Music

“Bobbie was chosen by young people and teaching staff for her abilities as a musician and her use of social media, but primarily because she was able to connect with our group. She listened to what the young people wanted, planned carefully with teaching staff and other creative practitioners to deliver workshops which engaged and motivated participants, and to effectively reflect with young people, supported and documented through the use of social media.I admire her dedication to planning, effectively reflecting and communicating with everyone involved.”

Marcus Belben, Creative Agent, Creative Partnerships, Bright Space

“BTEC kids are really missing you being here on a Thursday which I think shows the success of the project.”

Head of Music, Foxford School and Community Arts College

“Working with Bobbie was a pleasure because she is active – I could always count on her getting involved, showing up, and contributing. Reliable, is definitely the word. If things change unexpectedly, there’s no panic, just quick thinking, adapting and getting on with it – that’s so vital in a tricky situation. There’s no ego – I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I never got a sense that anything other than the outcome of the project was on her mind and because of this, she would always contribute great ideas, even if it was to make someone other than herself look good: no hidden agenda – fantastic. Bob also continually analysed the content, delivery and her individual approach; always wanting to learn, grow and improve. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like this?”

Mark Mapstone, Social Media Consultant (Independent)

“Bobbie has been working with myself and my Primary classes for a number of years now. She is an incredibly skilful practitioner and has worked on projects involving music, video, audio you name it. However the one outstanding quality she has is her ability to make the activity fun. The children love her and get so much enjoyment (as well as new found skills) from the time they spend with her.”

Dave Harwood, Year 6 teacher, Paganel School

“I didn’t use to care about other people, but now I do. Because Bobbie and Mr Jordan have shown me respect, I have to show respect back, not just to them, but to everyone.”

Year 9 Student/Music Mentee