Royal Marines ‘beat Retreat’ (1950)

So I’ve been thinking about my Deptford vinyl piece… last project for SaM composer residency too. Owner Ronnie Marrow said the river was a huge part of London’s developments, arguing that if the River wasn’t there Deptford wouldn’t be the place it is today, so ideas about docks, river, sea shanties, multi culturalism are spinning around my head, as well as how this connects with the notion of hyperlocality and its journalistic roots.

Journalist > observer > reporter > shares news> . Observer > Stories > Sharing back to an audience. Vocalist shares stories via lyrical content from owner of the record store. Who accompanies him?

How about a little military band? A micro one as the shop is tiny? A modern day, experimental military marine band? What does that consist of?

Perhaps the band could travel en route to the space? Who knows? Do the musicians have to be from the area for the music to qualify as hyperlocal?

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