Been a while since I have blogged. A lot has happened. Let’s keep it short and sweet:

1. Back in education, studying for an MMus in composition at conservatoire. Tutors are Howard Skempton and Joe Cutler. Two very inspirational gentlemen, who only encourage me in the most supportive of ways; I leave their tutorials ‘buzzing’ with ideas.
2. Massive break in social media usage, which has been lovely. My views on technology and the Internet are changing.
3. Been playing in electronic/alt rock settings and experimenting loads.
4. Played keys for learning disabilities charity Heart n Soul‘s Lizzie Emeh – performed at South Bank centre, for the Beautiful Octopus Club -scary, fun challenge, with compulsory backing vocals. Did alright.
5. Devising project plans for music in the community and personal projects.
6. Have completed my stint working for Kalaboration project, glad the website received loads of compliments, as I worked hard to get it off the ground. Thanks to Stina for sorting the fab design!
7. Busy teaching piano and writing lots of music. Enjoying life indeed.

One of my professional highlights was definitely playing keys for Lizzie Emeh, I learnt a lot from her and the band, all very lovely people:

Much love to my soul brothers and sisters: Sergeant, Rose, Ross, Preya and of course to my lovable tortoise, big L.

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