Thanks to Vicki from Uchenna for thinking of me to compose a dance score for young people based in Andover!  The brief was for the piece to be 10 mins long, have a strong pulse and able to fit with wide range of dance styles Uchenna uses as its staple (house, African, voguing).

Normally, I’m locked down to Logic MIDI sounds, but I decided to use live sounds, persuading the lovely Loz to perform/record it. I think the latest Kismet night (Retro-Futurist themed) has influenced me somewhat. Merci Monsieur Hunt for the skills and making sense of my percussion score! Had around a week to write this and a day and half to record it. Intense.  Coupled with the Vanley commission, Kalaboration work and the usual day to day stuff.

Have a listen to my latest edit, it shall be finely tweaked and mastered by Monday.

90% is Loz, however I needed some bassier frequencies, so you can hear me playing dodgy marimba MIDI sounds, quantizing it would have reuined the humaness of Loz’s playing. Will clean up the howlers I promise!

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