How the Fr*&g is it February Already?

Listen from 10:27 to the end if time is limited, lurve, lurve, lurve John Adams, please be my mentor, i’ll bake for you! I’ll propose to you on the 29th!! Lol! Don’t tell the wife.

Developed the ‘Push and Pull’ ting some more. Quite like where it’s going, getting darker, a real challenge today considering I was in such a good mood.

Headphones, don’t bother playing through tinny speakers. As requested have put more of a beat behind it. A lot of tidying and quantising to do, sonically too, everything is competing. Got a session with a mix down pro. Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “How the Fr*&g is it February Already?

  1. DK says:

    OOooohhhh – love this sketch – you talented being you x

    Have you thought bout sharing on under creative commons so people can use them in their creations?

  2. Bobbie says:

    Nope, but will now. Just costs dollarino. Seems counterintuitive to pay dollar to give stuff away (for more storage).

    But will consider. Hope you’re well fella. x

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