100 Hour Challenge – I’ve Picked up the Gauntlet

Alright then, I’m doing it. It’s been on my mind for a while.

This is how I’m going to tackle the not being at home barrier to improvisation learning; finding pianos in Brum, asking some local residential homes if I can pop in, practice and play to the elderly, asking my old church, friends who don’t mind me popping round. I’ll also read up on scales/theory or transcribe jazz solos for the hour too! I’ll also arrange a few lessons with people. Who shall I ask? Any jazzers wanna give me some pointers?

So improvisation it is, I might even do something really scary! Sign myself up for some jams, none of those scary jazz ones, where everyone has studied standards at uni, but more obscure ones. Gulp! I’ll need a drink or two or three!!

An hour a day, an hour for play!

7 thoughts on “100 Hour Challenge – I’ve Picked up the Gauntlet

  1. Rachel Cuffufle says:

    I have a piano – you are always welcome

    Rachel xxx

  2. Teeny 45 says:

    sweet, there is that big piano in the custard factory foyer bobs, you should pop down there and tinkle their ivories. Speaking on behalf of the CF residents – we would love it!

  3. Bobbie says:

    Thank you ladies!! I really will use those offers! Where you based Rachel? Can you email what part of Brum?
    You’ve made my day! X

  4. Philippa Cross says:

    Hi Bobby – this sounds a great 100 hr challenge. I’m no musician myself but my husband plays piano and keyboards. He recommends a teacher he goes to called Ben McGowan – great if you have a technique and want to try out different things, he says. But based in Coventry (easy walk from the train station though!) If Coventry no good, then I guess he might know someone to recommend. Ben’s number is 07877 419098. My husband said he’ll ask around too – he thinks some of his band might know people in Bham. He’d also be happy to jam sometime – he’s not professional or uni trained but he is pretty good (well I think so) The Heels (his band – http://www.theheels.co.uk) is a ska band and the keyboard bit is fairly simple in general – but he loves the improvisation most! Anyway – good luck with it!


  5. Marcus Belben says:

    Great! There is an underused mini-grand at Bryony House Residential Home, near Paganel (Green Meadow Rd.). Can give you contact if you need. If looking for piano in another area of Brum, please call/twitter/whatever. Good luck with your challenge!

  6. oli says:

    I set myself a challenge to record stuff when its cool in the evenings, and I mess with it when i’m on the train. Then I can max out on my time in the sun.

  7. Bobbie says:

    Thanks Philippa and Marcus! I’ll be in touch! Amy, I reckon the CF reception bit is a tad too exposing for mucking around on scales, not ready for that yet. Loving the positive feedback everyone! It means a lot!

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