Waggle Dance live from Spitz Market staring Halley School Allstars!

Spitalfields Music | City of London Sinfonia | Lunchtime concerts | Summer Festival _09

Yay!!! and phew!

Well done to Halley students year 2 all the way to 5 for their amazing Spitalfields Music performance today!! Boom tingalingding!!
It was great to hear my first chamber orchestra arrangement performed by such a top notch ensemble – CLS! Maybe my parts were to complex but it was my first time and I couldn’t help but try and pack in loads of ideas… Learning curve ennit?

Here is the audio! Live from today’s lunch time concert! Excuse my crap introduction – I hate speaking in front of peeps.
[audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Waggledancelive.mp3]

Well done to the team led by John Barber with soprano Issy Adams and fellow MAASer Helen Smith!

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