Ahh Betty!!

Written by Betty, a participant from Down Your Way project…


‘There’s a big get together of youth and old age
Over at Chivenor House on one of the day’s’
Would maybe be happy thought entered my head
And would do what they told me whatever they said
‘Hello everybody’ came the loud greetings call
‘We are all here to greet you and will be having a ball’

Kids from Chivenor School Mr Jones class
Talked and laughed with us about now and the past
Taped it and kept it for a plan to be made
By the folks from ‘SOUND IT OUT’ about ‘DOWN YOUR WAY
Castle Vale Estate folks who were joining in
Were enjoying themselves and all wore a broad grin
Singing and saying lots from the tape
The kids and us old ones thinking ‘it’s great’

There was Nicola, Dave and sweet Bobby
Helping us out and keeping us jolly
Teaching us lots of jobs we must do
Sticking together like ‘NELSONS VICTORY’ crew
They are the team from ‘SOUND IT OUT’
What a delight and what a great SHOUT

So hope the kids know more about old Castle Vale
And the life the old un’s told them as a tale
No baths no TV no games to play nothing like there is today
So fingers crossed that all are like me
Happy and pleased and delighted to be
All together and making a show
And of course now awake to things we didn’t know

And a big thank you from us all
Too Nicola, Dave and sweet Bobby
Who taught us how to re call
The past the present and what it’s all about
And of course how to ‘SOUND IT OUT’………Betty P

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