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I have been invited to work as one of 3 lead artists for a Sound it Out project called ‘Down Your Way’. We’re in the preliminary stages at the moment and will have a planning session this week. I was keen to sign up because of it being an intergenerational heritage and music project. I think it’s important for young and old to be able to interact with one another regularly, especially creatively because both parties have important skills, experiences and perspectives to share.

During this project participants will collect and research the history of Castle Vale and work them into a musical performance of some sort.

One of the tasks I have been set is to create exercises that allow interview material to be turned into melodic ideas. I am pondering over ways to turn words, text and oral history into musical phrases. How can I do this in a fun, engaging manner? Well, I am not sure as of yet, still mind mapping ideas and outlining problems. I shall post my findings.

I also came across an excellent blog by an Ozzie chap lady called ‘G‘. It has some cool resources for any music education practitioners and has inspired me to share more workshop ideas.

3 thoughts on “Down Your Way

  1. musicwork says:

    Hi Bobbie, thanks for visiting my blog – I’m glad you liked it and look forward to reading more about your workshops. Check out The Sound File too – Charles posts some interesting things about the work he does in a little primary school with lots of new arrival kids. Btw, am in fact an Aussie female, not male! The ‘G’ is a bit cryptic I know, but

  2. Bobbie says:

    Whops! I have changed your gender.
    Yup, have subscribed to the Sound File!

    How long where you in the UK?

  3. musicwork says:

    Hi again,
    I was there about 5 years all up. Studied for a year at GSMD in London, 93-94. Then was working awhile in schools and with arts organisations.

    I’ve just posted a response to your recent question on my blog… about the piano vs. keyboard…

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