Ariba, Ariba!

Wandering in a Carnival: Speedy Gonzales

Ariba Ariba, Andale, Andale!!! Speedy Gonzales by Stowe Boyd

I have been running round delivering and learning lots, what with the end of summer term at school, applying for jobs, sorting work for September, Street Athletics, getting onto an exciting trainee animateur programme run by Spitalfields Festival and being in the later stages of learning to drive, my head feels as though it’s about to melt.

Driving- yep after years of resistance, and faux ‘I’m a global warrior’ BS, I am having lessons. I wish I had continued them when I was 18, cos, it was a lot easier back then. Why? Because now, when I see kids and push chairs I get scared, when I see cats in the street; palpitations galore. It’s must be my mummy gene coming through.

My teacher expressed his concerns about why I wasn’t progressing as fast- once I hit intermediate level. We found 3 reasons: 1. Mentally, I channel negative images, and the language I use is: I don’t want to…. I need to kill my speed etc. I would end up doing things I didn’t want to. No accidents mind you!
2. I love the process, and discussing the pedagogy of teaching with my instructor so haven’t focused on passing. 3. I don’t really see myself as a driver, I’m happy using public transport- (well apart from my clothes smelling of weed if I sit upstairs and being subjected to distorted mp3s) – so again haven’t been focusing on the gold chain!

You’re might just probably be thinking to yourself, ‘Why on earth is she bothering to learn then?’. Well, it’s for professional reasons, and it would allow me greater access to working in rural areas. Also DJing malarky. Also, IF, I got a car- it would run it on gas or summat eco-friendly.

MediaSnackers: I am a MediaSlacker! Well, the title is self- appointed 😉

I am having bundles of fun travelling around the UK, enjoying viewing the beautiful countryside- I have seen baby rabbits!

I’ve been working with young digital journos, this week I embarked on helping DK and Mark train youth professionals. I certainly have a lot to learn, and am keen to put my own stamp on sessions. I was more nervous than I anticipated the first time I had to present, but, second time round was a lot easier. I chatted too much and should have let the applications speak for themselves. Learning, learning- confidence will grow.

I have also been asked to blog for Gigbeth! (Link down at the moment- it’s Birmingham’s most diverse music festival) Yay! My first professional blogging job- which was unexpected.

Anyways, I shall be commenting on music education and local community music projects so watch this space!

Summer Sprints

Budding Digital Journalists

Blogging has been less frequent cos I have been mega busy- yippee!

I scored my first MediaSnackers gig on Sunday. I travelled down to Lambeth, South London to help train some friendly, young people from all over the UK. We equipped them with enough social media skills to become budding digital sports journalists. They will document a project called Street Athletics which is run by Linford Christie’s management consultancy Nuff Respect and has the support of Darren Campbell. I quote:

“Street Athletics is a series of community focused events throughout the UK where all youngsters are invited to race against each other over 60m, giving them the chance to compete in the Grand Final in Manchester and win a year’s kit contract with Reebok.

The ultimate aim is that all kids from all areas feel welcome to actively take part, providing the opportunity to broaden their existing horizons within sport and other non-sports related areas
Nuff Respect are working with Positive Futures, Reebok, Sport England, Sony, Gaz de France and local councils to run Street Athletics events in various areas of the UK.

We hope that it will encourage kids to utilise the sports facilities provided by the Council and ideally join a local Athletics club, or that the opportunity provides a trigger to kids to believe in their own abilities and they go on to be motivated in other non-sports related areas.’

I had a wicked time bonding and watching confidence levels grow as the young people involved got into the swing of blogging, vodcasting and using all the equipment.

I then went to Hammersmith and Fulham and supported 2 digital journalists as they documented the event. You can read their blog post here. It was staged in the area where Linford Christie grew up, right next to his old primary school.

Other exciting news: I will be going to Paris with one of our digital journalists to document the 2007 winners’ trip to the Grand Prix de Paris Athletics event this month. Yay!