Happy New Year!

Hope the teenies are a good one for you my loyal blog readers.
2009 has been a great year, there have been trials and tribulations and euphoric moments too. I have met some amazing people, loads of creatives.

Moving to London has been good fun, I like the sense of adventure and push it really gives you. When it stops being fun I shall leave.

Highlights were composing for a chamber orchestra, directing a practitioner ensemble for Banded About (loads of esteemed classical/jazz musicians who were really complimentary), already blagging gigs in London, playing in various ensembles and leaving dodgy ones – (I experienced some interesting interactions with weird/egotistical musos, suppose us note bashers are all a lil strange), and developing my skills as a community musician.

Aims for this year are to be self-discplined and to drink more water. What are yours?