How the Fr*&g is it February Already?

Listen from 10:27 to the end if time is limited, lurve, lurve, lurve John Adams, please be my mentor, i’ll bake for you! I’ll propose to you on the 29th!! Lol! Don’t tell the wife. Developed the ‘Push and Pull’ ting some more. Quite like where it’s going, getting darker, a real challenge today considering […]

Just write.

(For the creatives). “Just write. It’s not about sitting around waiting for the muse.The people who are really good labour over what they write.” Amy Ray

Fly or Die

Old, but funky.

Before Day

Yeeeeeeessssss! Sunday night vibes!

Luke Abbott – Swansong

I love this, it really tugs on my heart strings. It starts off a bit crazy and then turns into a lush, sonic sojourn.

Peaceful Warrior

Quote of the day: “You have been immortal since before you were born and will be long after the body dissolves. The body is consciousness; it is immortal. It only changes. The mind, your own personal beliefs, history and identity is the only mortal; so who needs it?” Thank you DK!

next generation teacher

dy/av : 002 : the next-gen lecturer from Dan Meyer on Vimeo. love it, want more examples of it, can relate to it.

i wanna play keys like dorian concept

absolutely divine, skip the german interview, unless you parlez, and close your eyes for heavenly, sonic sublimity. Skip to 5:31 if you must, best track for sure!

What to say?

Images speak louder… via nappylikeyopappy’s what with this week’s bad news, i couldn’t resist via pelicansandparrots beautiful via¬†nappylikeypappy’s

The Artist and t’Internet

This was in drafts, so you might have already seen it… Love this slideshow, inspiration for any artist worried about getting their work out there!

Inspired by Kelechi Amadi Obi

“We can’t keep whining about our situation, the art of whining just makes you a victim, and I’m saying, once you believe your a victim then you can’t fight back, but if you believe in victory then you can win!” Preach it! Kelechi Amadi Obi vs Keziah Jones from Joel Benson on Vimeo. Found via […]

Heart Chamber Orchestra

Heart Chamber Orchestra – Pixelache from pure on Vimeo. 12 classical musicians’ heartbeats (via ECG (electrocardiogram) sensors ) control in real time a computer composition and visualization environment. Fascinating!!