Soulful Summer

Just completed a week of workshops for THSH and UFA, project was called Soulful summer. I helped facilitate sessions based mainly on developing young people’s composition skills. I was blown away by the young people’s ideas and good vibes. Some of the feedback I got was great, and was nice to see some of the […]

Banded About – C’est Fini

It’s all over and done with! Today was the final concert date at Town Hall for the Banded About project, we made it! It was emotional, it was sad, it was tiring, fun and creative. I was soo impressed with the young people at Watville, Wilkes Green and St. James primary schools over the year. […]

Time to learn guitar

Hey bobablog readers! Hope you are well and sun-kissed, the weather has been great! I implore Mother Nature to give us more of the same during the May – August months!! It’s been a wee while since I have blogged and so, here I am. Rather than bore you to death with a long-winded post, […]

Happy New Year!

Hope the teenies are a good one for you my loyal blog readers. 2009 has been a great year, there have been trials and tribulations and euphoric moments too. I have met some amazing people, loads of creatives. Moving to London has been good fun, I like the sense of adventure and push it really […]

Down Your Way – Castle Vale High

I had a wonderful session working with year seven students from Castle Vale High School last Friday, it was a chance for us all the bond, learn about the project aims and do some rhythm/pulse exercises. I was really impressed with how quickly the students were able to recognise and play different patterns from our […]