The mamas have been asked to DJ at Shambala Festival! We are very grateful to Dan and the Shambala Festival crew for having us back, tis a wonderful intimate festival, boasting a music lover’s selection of artists and lots of other fun shenanigans you can get up to. If you wanna catch us we shall be playing at the bar on Friday between 16:00 and 18:00.

Sister 45 has pledged to base her Saturday night costume as Lady Gaga, in typical can’t be bothered fooked, lazy style I shall leave it to the last minute, any suggestions? What you going as?

Celebrating Sanctuary

I went along to the Yardbird, Birmingham to DJ in between bands from all across the globe; celebrating in style the end of Refugee week. It was a wonderful opportunity for the breadth of talent residing (unfortunately in exile) in the second city to share music. There was Kurdish and Albanian folk, Afro fusion an Iranian Tar player and some local youth playing jazz and funk grooves.

I was particularly struck by the talent of percussionist Steve Yimga. He was wicked! Such energy, rhythmical prowess and commanding stage presence!!!

As my buddy Tone rightly pointed out, it was fascinating to be in a venue and witness grown men hold hands, dance, jump around and smile at one another. If folk music hadn’t disappeared from mainstream music culture, I wonder whether English men would be willing to dance together? Morris dancing anyone?