100 Hour Challenge

Still at it, but not blogging about it as much, I tell no lie. I’ve a ritual, breakfast eaten means time to practice. Why are rituals important?
I quote Mark McGuinnesss:

“”You’ll think it’s silly but” is one of the most common phrases I hear from clients when they describe their working habits. Lucky gonks, magic pens, warmup rituals and bizarre superstitions are remarkably, and among creative people – and for good reason. The neuroscientists are now confirming what we creatives knew all along – that these things act as ‘triggers’ for the emotional state in which we do our best creative work.”

Thank you Mark!

Had a few months off due to dislocating my finger, but back on the wagon even if my finger is misshappen.
Really enjoying this jazz course by Monsieur Richards, had a couple of lessons with him too! An ace teacher, learnt loads

Finger is still dodgy and finally got referred to an orthopaedic clinic! My swollen joint will be inspected tomorrow! Yay!


ouch! dislocated my finger! looked a bit like this i think, bit more bent backwards. please don’t puke on your machines!

(my fingers look weird!)
whilst nervously playing too hard in a capoeira batizado i mashed up my middle finger. if i recall correctly an extremely fast Meia lua de compasso knocked it out of place. didn’t realise it was injured till i left the roda. it’s still in bandages, but i’m bored of the splint. hopefully i’ll be able to make a last tour keys playing date. i need to practice!