Summertime sum up

IMG_1916 What beautiful weather! A year ago, I met a Swedish lady in London (on the bus I think), who said the main reason she decided to stay in the UK was down to the summer of '76. She told me she had been longing ever since for another glorious summer like that to return. Maybe her wait is over.... Anyway, I feel it is time to update you with the world of Bobalon. (more…)

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What do you get if you cross a dodgy keys player, midi sounds, Logic Pro, an hour, excessive listening of Ravel and afrosounds? A musical sketch which sounds like this: sketchy  (my bounces always end abruptly Read more…

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100 Hour Challenge

Still at it, but not blogging about it as much, I tell no lie. I’ve a ritual, breakfast eaten means time to practice. Why are rituals important? I quote Mark McGuinnesss: “”You’ll think it’s silly Read more…

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