May sketch a day: pink

Musical alphabet: A B C D E  F  G

pink =  b,b,g,d = my note row.

i can only use these notes. 30 mins. inspired by the question ‘what does pink feel like?’ pink is raw, pink is apparently girly, pink is sakura. pink shaded the colour of the sky when i climbed mt. fuji whilst severely hungover with ‘h’, (celebrating my move to tokys), i looked a right state after. d’oh. think mt. fuji is winning, yup, let’s go with the clouds. timer.

here she is: 

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hmmm, this sketch is my least fave, i like minor, moody shades, restricted by my note row. pah! then, again with a reframe, i am getting david lynch vibes. mulholland dr., what a creepy, amazing film. i’ll try harder next time.

May sketch a day: disney

Rose Oliver, you threw down the gauntlet, I pick it up, with a musical twist.

Rules: I can only spend 30 mins tops on it.

This is my contribution for day 1.

Hope I don’t get shot by the Disneydoom team. Name that disney film (which I’ve lifted the audio from)?

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a sketch for today

I can’t compete with Anna Hardy’s photo a day challenge, but have been writing short bits and bobs.

Here’s today’s grey cloud, cherry blossom meanderings:

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Quite church-y at the start, maybe I’ll take it along to my rehearsal, see if we can turn it into something nice.

100 Hour Challenge

Still at it, but not blogging about it as much, I tell no lie. I’ve a ritual, breakfast eaten means time to practice. Why are rituals important?
I quote Mark McGuinnesss:

“”You’ll think it’s silly but” is one of the most common phrases I hear from clients when they describe their working habits. Lucky gonks, magic pens, warmup rituals and bizarre superstitions are remarkably, and among creative people – and for good reason. The neuroscientists are now confirming what we creatives knew all along – that these things act as ‘triggers’ for the emotional state in which we do our best creative work.”

Thank you Mark!

Had a few months off due to dislocating my finger, but back on the wagon even if my finger is misshappen.
Really enjoying this jazz course by Monsieur Richards, had a couple of lessons with him too! An ace teacher, learnt loads

Finger is still dodgy and finally got referred to an orthopaedic clinic! My swollen joint will be inspected tomorrow! Yay!

100 Hour challenge

It’s been a month since I last updated you on this. Well, well, well, haven’t I been good! Wherever there is a piano, I is. I am practicing jazz standards and improvising. I’ve been averaging 2 hours a day and it has positively impacted upon my gigging, I got loads of compliments at Friday’s penultimate tour date, I felt loads more confident. No idea I suggested was rejected in terms of improv, however I was told to turn myself down, lol! Having regular lessons, and my teacher said in just 2 lessons I had improved considerably, yay!

Say, I’d practiced 1 hour a day for the last 4 weeks that would take me up to 89 hours on this old challenge, I know I’ve done more, but let’s just say I’ve done that 😉 We both know after 100 hours this aint gonna end, hooked.
I’m moving this week, so practice is on hold cos everything is being boxed up, but I’m keen to get back on the pedal!

Go me!

Week 5: 100 Hour Challenge

Day 1: Fail
Day 2: Fail
Day 3: Fail
Day 4: Fail
Day 5: Fail
Day 6: Fail
Day 7: Fail

Summer workshops all day last week. In Brum. I suck. Yes, I do. I’d come home and want to sleep, but had planning and preparation to do. When I’m near my keyboard nothing will stop me. Sing it!

100 Hour Challenge: Week Four

Day 1: Practiced and wrote music with fellow workshoppers for half a day, spent the other half playing jazz standards for a few hours, really slowly, still practicing the same two, sounding better!
Day 2: Wrote music again with matees, one hour of practice.
Day 3: Practiced, learning chords and listening to what they sound like
Day 4: 1 hour in the bag.
Day 5: Back In Brum, fail. Was given a chord chart to play from (for a devising session) by a jazzer and panicked. I could identify most chords, but not as quickly as I would have liked, if the chords were notated, would have been fine. Felt crap and wanted to go home.
Day 6: Back in Brum, all day training and drinks after. Fail.
Day 7: Back in Brum, no piano, anxious to practice. Still hours in the day but suspect I shall fail.

🙁 So, rather than feel sorry for myself, going to spend the next hours finding a piano here. Time to make it happen. I saw this TED talk by Mr. Steve “Apple” Jobs, it inspired me to carpe diem, how to live before you die.

100 Hour challenge: Third week


Day 1: Practiced for two hours
Day 2: Practiced for an hour
Day 3: Back in Birmingham, no practice
Day 4: Nada
Day 5: Nada
Day 6: Nada
Day 7: Nada

Hmmm think I failed there. I did read up on stuff but… few ebonies and ivories were tinkled last week! On the plus side, whenever I am home I practice. I asked a local Birmingham church whether I could practice there, thanks to Clare Edwards, but the times available clashed. Gonna do more Brum based piano hunting.

100 Hour Challenge – I’ve Picked up the Gauntlet

Alright then, I’m doing it. It’s been on my mind for a while.

This is how I’m going to tackle the not being at home barrier to improvisation learning; finding pianos in Brum, asking some local residential homes if I can pop in, practice and play to the elderly, asking my old church, friends who don’t mind me popping round. I’ll also read up on scales/theory or transcribe jazz solos for the hour too! I’ll also arrange a few lessons with people. Who shall I ask? Any jazzers wanna give me some pointers?

So improvisation it is, I might even do something really scary! Sign myself up for some jams, none of those scary jazz ones, where everyone has studied standards at uni, but more obscure ones. Gulp! I’ll need a drink or two or three!!

An hour a day, an hour for play!

100 Hour Challenge Anyone?

I went along to a regional creative agent conference today and was inspired by Ewan McIntosh to do a 100 hour challenge, well in fact, I was initially inspired by Rachel Carter, who was inspired by Ewan (in a previous training event) to do it. Thing is, I’m uncertain as to whether I can do it because I work away from home a lot.

What is the 100 Hour Challenge? I quote Rachel Carter:

“Pick something about which you are passionate, which you have a deep desire to learn or to achieve yourself. It can be related to work or totally personal. Ideally it’s something you will share with the wider world. Practice, read up on, share your knowledge on your chosen challenge for at least one hour a day, every day, for 100 days.”

I want to improve my improvisation techniques, learn more about jazz scales, but that involves using a piano/keyboard. When I work in Brum I hardly have access… You’re meant to practice an hour a day. However, I can only practice when I’m near a piano. What’s a girl to do? Can I do the challenge as soon as I’m home in London? Am I creating ‘extraneous pillars’? Excuses? Can I do a slower version of it? Am I being lame? What do you think?