Down Your Way – Castle Vale High

I had a wonderful session working with year seven students from Castle Vale High School last Friday, it was a chance for us all the bond, learn about the project aims and do some rhythm/pulse exercises. I was really impressed with how quickly the students were able to recognise and play different patterns from our sound bank.

We even had time to loop three phrases which were framed by their music teacher and artistic director Dave Howard with some groovy guitar riffs. You can listen here:

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Chatted Up in Castle Vale After a Cool ‘Down Your Way’ Session!

I had a wonderful session working with year 5 students and OAPs from Chivenor House. Our sound bites moved from melodic fragments to a chorus. We just need to tweak the lyrics now. The boys were really into singing – apparently they are not meant to be! Dave – Artistic director of the project has blogged about it too! Glad that this community music project followed my blogging advice 🙂

This afternoon I had arranged to have my keyboard repaired by a Mr.Crump and he asked me to meet him at his previous client’s house – round the corner from where I was working, where I got talking to a chap called Wally. He was really warm, welcoming, friendly, and appeared very excited to have a new guest. Wally shared his life story, pictures, a newspaper cutting of how he fell off a truck into the arms of his wife to be – Rose. I like how open Wally is – his honesty about life and growing old. Wally jokingly said he was on the look out for a wife, and that I’d better be careful… Wife number 4 anyone?

Pics from Down Your Way last Saturday

Here are some pics from last Saturday’s session. We had some Global Xchange volunteers from Morocco participate and it was quite contrasting to the smaller numbers we’ve had in the past. Chris led the session, and recorded sound bites about childhood memories – short phrases were the stimuli for music making and composition. We wrote pieces exploring the feeling of completing a long day at school  – joy, excitement, need I say more!?!

There was lots of translating and merriment had!!