Birmingham Bloggers Meetup- 29.4.08

Last night I went along to the Birmingham Bloggers Meet-up as I heard lots of interesting things about the last one via twitter feeds and Brum blogs.

I wanted to rep the ladeez- since I heard few female bloggers had attended previous ones (for whatever valid reasons). I was also curious to meet other bloggers.

Demographics: mainly white, male, geek/tech-head; which as we all know isn’t representative of the multi-faceted, diverse world of blogging. I wonder what can be done to get different types of bloggers attend?

I arrived late (GCSE exams all day and after school commitments) and I didn’t really know where to put myself. No name badges? I was told that they had been used in previous meet-ups. I didn’t know very many people and it was hard to find an opening for networking.

I confess I didn’t stay too long- but my wisdom teeth were/are manic so went home for cocodamol!

What do the Brum Bloggers Meet-up organisers think about…

1. Bloggers speed dating? It could help bloggers who wouldn’t necessarily be paired together to share ideas. Have you done this already?

2. Lady bloggers meet-ups?

What is the overall aim for these gatherings? Is it just a social? Do they aim to do something groundbreaking? Hmmmmm.