11 thoughts on “Compositions

  1. The first one scared me a little 🙂

    The second one I preferred – had a nice sleepy start and was gently building like a good meal heading towards a chocolatey dessert!

  2. Unicorn Pooh is great… I would however prefer it sans snare as it would bolster its ethereal qualities.

    Still, great work.

  3. these are both really good bob. The first one is quite dark, but I like that. Can’t wait to hear more x

  4. Awesome, really nice work keep going 😉

    Happy New year and all of that best wishes to you and your fam xxx

  5. Thanks Kelly and Black Classical! Bully needs loads of work, I played it into Logic with dodgy dislocated finger.

    Watch this space.

  6. Really interesting project Bobby. Great to here your work. I loved Unicorn Poo it really reminds me of adventure time! The best cartoon ever made.

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