Workshopped Out

Been delivering a fair amount of workshops this term, as well as being busy running new promotion Rea River Soul, last venture was a success, lots of great feedback – woop! The promotion game is a tiring one when you’re work full time, most of us do and I shan’t complain!  Continue reading “Workshopped Out”

Return to Wordle

I used this a while back and did nothing with the data, this wordle cloud show the tags that appear more frequently on my blog, the importance of a tag is shown by its font size or color (strength):

This is my twitter wordle cloud:

What’s yours like? It’s made me think about how I use my blog, my SEO keeps showing hobbit references, because of this hippy blog post I wrote some time ago, maybe I should pander to the interest, write some hobbit/Tolkien inspired music.

Twittering Tune Makers

Steve Lawson has written an excellent blog post about how musicians can successfully use Twitter to connect with their audience, fans and generally get more people interested in what they are doing.

To quote:

“‘Following’ someone on Twitter means next to nothing. The interaction is everything.”

Nice one Steve! I sometimes struggle with twitter and this blog post succinctly makes micro-blogging more palatable.

Summer Sprints

Budding Digital Journalists

Blogging has been less frequent cos I have been mega busy- yippee!

I scored my first MediaSnackers gig on Sunday. I travelled down to Lambeth, South London to help train some friendly, young people from all over the UK. We equipped them with enough social media skills to become budding digital sports journalists. They will document a project called Street Athletics which is run by Linford Christie’s management consultancy Nuff Respect and has the support of Darren Campbell. I quote:

“Street Athletics is a series of community focused events throughout the UK where all youngsters are invited to race against each other over 60m, giving them the chance to compete in the Grand Final in Manchester and win a year’s kit contract with Reebok.

The ultimate aim is that all kids from all areas feel welcome to actively take part, providing the opportunity to broaden their existing horizons within sport and other non-sports related areas
Nuff Respect are working with Positive Futures, Reebok, Sport England, Sony, Gaz de France and local councils to run Street Athletics events in various areas of the UK.

We hope that it will encourage kids to utilise the sports facilities provided by the Council and ideally join a local Athletics club, or that the opportunity provides a trigger to kids to believe in their own abilities and they go on to be motivated in other non-sports related areas.’

I had a wicked time bonding and watching confidence levels grow as the young people involved got into the swing of blogging, vodcasting and using all the equipment.

I then went to Hammersmith and Fulham and supported 2 digital journalists as they documented the event. You can read their blog post here. It was staged in the area where Linford Christie grew up, right next to his old primary school.

Other exciting news: I will be going to Paris with one of our digital journalists to document the 2007 winners’ trip to the Grand Prix de Paris Athletics event this month. Yay!

Media Snackers 2nd Birthday Shenanigans

Today I went along to Cardiff to celebrate the 2nd birthday of MediaSnackers– an innovative, pioneering force behind the fusing of social media, youth led organisations and education.

It was lovely to hang with the gang, and learn about the past, present and future intentions DK has for the company. It was nice to learn how Media Snackers had influenced the growth and confidence in youngest member Jess; our youth liaison officer and discussed ways in which our training sessions can influence and bring about change in education and the youth sector. 

I am really excited to be working for such a young, cutting edge company and hope we all have fun being as kick-ass as we can!!! 


MediaSnackers’ Trainer Recruitment Day

Early this morning, I went along to DK’s recruitment day and now I am exhausted. It all happened at The Hub Bristol. Twas a cool space!

I was one of 6 candidates bidding for the trainer positions. We had to give a 20-minute presentation on a social media platform/tool and then after playtime faced the MediaSnackers dons for the serious bit; a 30-minute interview.

It was really stimulating to see the vast array of people talent that was brought together. Different fields brought to the table were; music theatre, community music, video bloggers, really technically advanced developers/consultancy and law.

All of us were connected by a love and fascination for new technology developments. What really came across was how we’re all avid users of social media platforms and are aware of how it is changing and shaping the way humans interact. I did not have one boring conversation!

I think my presentation on a wiki called went quite well, but my fatigue and nerves during the interview saw some average answers…. hmpf!

Keynote is sooo much better to use than Powerpoint– well impressed! Yes, I know everyone has been saying this! 🙂

It was a pleasure to meet such interesting people!

Here are some (not all) of their blogs:

Chris Unitt– also from Brummage. Licensing consultant
Phil Campbell the super, street tech guru! Project manager for media mashups
Beth Taliston- Video blogger and has a teaching background
Guy- for a day job works in PR but game designer, online community and digital strategy dude
Tim- an MA in music theatre but again web head. Will get blog address up soon.

Time to pack for Japan!