Royal Marines ‘beat Retreat’ (1950)

So I’ve been thinking about my Deptford vinyl piece… last project for SaM composer residency too. Owner Ronnie Marrow said the river was a huge part of London’s developments, arguing that if the River wasn’t there Deptford wouldn’t be the place it is today, so ideas about docks, river, sea shanties, multi culturalism are spinning […]

vinyl deptford

I’m collaborating with Heart n Soul artist Robyn Steward to create a hyperlocal piece of music inspired by this little gem/oasis in the heart of Deptford. The sea makes up a large part of Deptford’s history, informs owner of Vinyl, Ronnie Morrow. So I’m currently listening and researching music associated with the Royal Navy docks… […]

Major keys

Damn, i struggle real hard to write major key, happy sounding pieces! composing with my year 5 collaborators has been tricky, because their ideas are so cute, and what I like to compose is darker, i like the tension of major/minor, suspending, and then finally, maybe a  resolution… Anyway, after a uphill struggle, i’ve been […]