Beef Wellington Yumminess!

There’s 2 weeks until term starts and I am going stir crazy doing my taxes/Bobmin. Time for a quirky blog post!

My uncle is a chef and often feeds B rate celebs and sport stars.
When I was 15, I was a waitress at the hotel restaurant he manned- it taught me lessons in customer service and team work.

Both my uncle and I are freelance and had a Friday afternoon off sometime ago, so I asked for a cooking lesson. I have always been curious about making Beef Wellington, I had only ever eaten the mushroom version, but wanted to learn how to make something complicated. These pics show our culinary journey.

Beautiful Mind

My head hurts; I can’t concentrate very well. This always happens, whenever I have my hair put in braids the first week is my scalp’s moody reaction to my natty ‘fro being neatly parted and plaited.

At present my hair is in the most beautiful shoulder length twists thanks to a lovely lady whom I had the fortune of meeting on Monday. As I walked into Kumba’s welcoming and cosy house, I was given the most genuine, loving hug from her 2 year old son- he had never met me before!

Whilst the hours passed I proceeded to bond with Kumba’s big brain of a fourteen year old- MM. He has to be one of the brightest, analytical, articulate (he busted out words I needed a dictionary for) young men I have come across. We conversed about consumerism, US politics vs UK, literature and memory techniques. Before you conjure up images of a super geek with all the trimmings- this young man oozes super cool and the most amazing thing is he wants to be an English teacher; so our conversation swiftly moved to pedagogy.

I need a word that transcends inspired cos that’s how I felt that night! You rock MM!!!

Eight Random Things About Me

Apologies in advance for this. I was tagged…
I was tagged again, so I’ll cheat by recycling!

1. I was called Roberta up until the age of 18. I honestly thought this was my name until I saw my birth certificate which clearly states Bobbie-Jane (like something out ‘The Waltons”). People from my past and my mum (when I am naughty) still use it.

2. I am allergic to fish. This makes me sad.

3. I speak Japanese and can write some kanji.

4. I sailed from Aberdeen, UK to Trondheim, Norway in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships’ Race ’97. I was the only student that wasn’t sick and made a roast dinner whilst sailing across the North Sea.

5. I used to aspire to be like my private French tutor Isobelle (a bohemian, sensual 20 something with hairy pits, big boobs, blue hair and drove a Citroen). A couple months back, we met randomly at local pub and I could still sing to her the songs she taught me. It was lovely and a bit weird.

6. I wanted to travel to James Bond Island, Phuket, Thailand around the disastrous tsunami time ’03 but because it was so far south went to Koh Phangan instead. I was kayaking at the time…

7. I have tiny ears, no, really.

8. I was premature by 2 months so an incubator was my first home.


As I mentioned before Sister 45 and I like to collect funk 45s. There are quite a few collectors on the scene and many seem to congregate at Fryer-mantis forum. It can be quite intimidating to post there, as some of these collectors own 7 inch records worth thousands of pounds and have been collecting for years! Also, there is quite a generation gap and some comments aren’t as PC as I’m used to.

To see what us funk collecting female DJs have to put up with:

1st collector: DJ team Bobbie and Amy from Birmingham. They would post on here but are too scared.

2nd collector: Fit?

When did having good bone structure have anything to do with playing good records? As Sister 45 comically said: “Well yes we both exercise regularly and eat well…”.

You can read more here.

Mama Feeling Good!

I had a wicked time djing at Mama Feel Good!- a night that I run at the Bull’s Head, Moseley last Saturday. November is meant to be a ropey month for the promoter; what with the Christmas consumerism rush, but no, we had good numbers all night!
We had some lovely breakers come down- (no ego/arrogance) and their presence made it fun for us. The floor was sweaty most of the night- and it was great to hear my new- yet- old original 45s played out for the first time. I have not had so much fun in ages!!