Networking, Marketing and Business Models

The bane of my life- marketing and self-promotion-I exaggerate a little, but how I loathe it so! When I first started out as a free lancer- 3 out of 5 cold calls were fruitful- luck or chance or whatever you may call it helped me along my path; but now it’s proving much more difficult.

I really hate cold calling, I detest having to wear the sales person hat- I feel needy, vulnerable and very desperate.
I know a few community musicians who aren’t keen on project management or the administrative side; so simply rely on the demand from arts organisations for workshops- and that is something I am keen to do less of. My cash flow won’t allow for that…

However, by sending out a few emails and drawing from the extensive experience of a fellow community musician/mentor called Pete- I have been introduced to some key contacts- thank you very muchly!

This month, I shall be given advice about writing a business model thanks to Business Link!

I have also had a few meetings with influential arts people simply asking for advice and the low down on funding/ the direction of the arts. By showing my face around and being able to explain in person what I am about; more work is starting to trickle in! Yay! Lesson learnt!