Such a full sound…

Betty Davis

  Hey Hey Stranger I hear that they call you the lone ranger They say you love to live in the saddle Is it true you want to high ho my silver Giddy up you can try lawd have mercy I will take that ride with you I’m mighty thirsty For love any kind of […]


Don’t fail me now, I need your wishes, wishes, wishes Don’t fail me now, I need your wishes, wishes, wishes I imagine those golden skies Window down and we’re caught in flight You can let the breeze, let the breeze cool you And I hope the wind blows out those fires of doubt If there’s […]

Alice Coltrane

“At the heart of her music and life was a deep spirituality and a generosity of spirit, rather than an overbearing ego.” Listen in to a great portrait of her life on BBC radio 3.     


Digging out some vinyl I haven’t listened to in a good while.

Skip to ‘Carry Me’

Skip to 1.50. On repeat. “Mama can you carry me!”

Public art as social engagement | Ed Woodham

Mbongwana Star

“Mbongwana Star (‘Mbongwana’ meaning ‘change’) are a newly formed band from Kinshasa, Congo. Tired of the pre-conceptions around African music, they’re creating their own identity, fusing traditional Congolese rhythms with post punk and electronics. Full of energy and utterly original, here’s a brand new track from their forthcoming album.” Liking the trippy psychedelic grooves. On […]


Badass female producer, toured with Bjork, thanks Verity! Northern Soul tune thanks to Rodders; One of my fave Japanese artists: Yayoi Kusama san. See No Evil Art Project In Brizzle: (Time BCC got off it’s arse, took out its purse (recession I know but still) and funded something like this here in Brum). End of […]

How the Fr*&g is it February Already?

Listen from 10:27 to the end if time is limited, lurve, lurve, lurve John Adams, please be my mentor, i’ll bake for you! I’ll propose to you on the 29th!! Lol! Don’t tell the wife. Developed the ‘Push and Pull’ ting some more. Quite like where it’s going, getting darker, a real challenge today considering […]

Just write.

(For the creatives). “Just write. It’s not about sitting around waiting for the muse.The people who are really good labour over what they write.” Amy Ray


Spent the month away from the Midlands. Started southside in Hastings with my beautiful friends Debs and Ben. I taught EFL in a beautiful school, swimming twice a week early each morning in the outdoor pool. I went from coughing, spluttering and wheezing (after just two lengths) to a much improved front crawl (and a […]