Eight Random Things About Me

Apologies in advance for this. I was tagged…
I was tagged again, so I’ll cheat by recycling!

1. I was called Roberta up until the age of 18. I honestly thought this was my name until I saw my birth certificate which clearly states Bobbie-Jane (like something out ‘The Waltons”). People from my past and my mum (when I am naughty) still use it.

2. I am allergic to fish. This makes me sad.

3. I speak Japanese and can write some kanji.

4. I sailed from Aberdeen, UK to Trondheim, Norway in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships’ Race ’97. I was the only student that wasn’t sick and made a roast dinner whilst sailing across the North Sea.

5. I used to aspire to be like my private French tutor Isobelle (a bohemian, sensual 20 something with hairy pits, big boobs, blue hair and drove a Citroen). A couple months back, we met randomly at local pub and I could still sing to her the songs she taught me. It was lovely and a bit weird.

6. I wanted to travel to James Bond Island, Phuket, Thailand around the disastrous tsunami time ’03 but because it was so far south went to Koh Phangan instead. I was kayaking at the time…

7. I have tiny ears, no, really.

8. I was premature by 2 months so an incubator was my first home.


As I mentioned before Sister 45 and I like to collect funk 45s. There are quite a few collectors on the scene and many seem to congregate at Fryer-mantis forum. It can be quite intimidating to post there, as some of these collectors own 7 inch records worth thousands of pounds and have been collecting for years! Also, there is quite a generation gap and some comments aren’t as PC as I’m used to.

To see what us funk collecting female DJs have to put up with:

1st collector: DJ team Bobbie and Amy from Birmingham. They would post on here but are too scared.

2nd collector: Fit?

When did having good bone structure have anything to do with playing good records? As Sister 45 comically said: “Well yes we both exercise regularly and eat well…”.

You can read more here.

Mama Feeling Good!

I had a wicked time djing at Mama Feel Good!- a night that I run at the Bull’s Head, Moseley last Saturday. November is meant to be a ropey month for the promoter; what with the Christmas consumerism rush, but no, we had good numbers all night!
We had some lovely breakers come down- (no ego/arrogance) and their presence made it fun for us. The floor was sweaty most of the night- and it was great to hear my new- yet- old original 45s played out for the first time. I have not had so much fun in ages!!