May sketch a day: black and white

black and white. african animal noise, sampled, fela kuti chatting ’bout demo-crazy, kalimba, marimba, time ran out. blackandwhite

May sketch a day: stranger

Day 9: Where are days 5-8? Coming, sorry, I had some teething problems and was away. Needed more time off-line. Today’s word: ‘Stranger’. Was a bit stuck, so perimeters quickly set; the orchestration was strictly for wind instruments. Mulled over what ‘stranger’ meant: think mysterious, unknown, my person is a bit quirky, smokes fags in […]

May sketch a day: pink

Musical alphabet: A B C D E  F  G pink =  b,b,g,d = my note row. i can only use these notes. 30 mins. inspired by the question ‘what does pink feel like?’ pink is raw, pink is apparently girly, pink is sakura. pink shaded the colour of the sky when i climbed mt. fuji […]

May sketch a day: crush

Day 2: Crush. For that someone special you probably shouldn’t like, what a relief when they fade. Kept to the 30 mins, thought I’d have a play with orchestral sounds this time, eurgh Logic Pro MIDI strings, need me some decent sounds. crush This ‘only have half an hour’ time limit is fuuuunnn! Can I keep […]

May sketch a day: disney

Rose Oliver, you threw down the gauntlet, I pick it up, with a musical twist. Rules: I can only spend 30 mins tops on it. This is my contribution for day 1. Hope I don’t get shot by the Disneydoom team. Name that disney film (which I’ve lifted the audio from)? kissingwudbenicebg

Movements Fi Make

Finding time to write this blog post has proven to be a mission… Nearly in April already! Seriously, wtf!  Time (yes, a constant) appears to racing ahead, feel like I am going to wake up an elderly woman at this rate! Anyway, I’ve some great projects happening at the moment. 


What do you get if you cross a dodgy keys player, midi sounds, Logic Pro, an hour, excessive listening of Ravel and afrosounds? A musical sketch which sounds like this: sketchy  (my bounces always end abruptly for this blog). I know weird ennit. Gonna use it for Uchenna methinks, just so much tidying to do. Couldn’t […]

A late Akemashite Omedetou De Gozaimasu (Happy New Me)

A new year, new year’s resolutions,  brand new second hand you, new diaries, new socks. Instead of resolutions I have made some determinations (kind of similar) but the process is habitual (twice daily in fact), and I am winning, I’ll share a few. They are: Respect for all life (including my own) Respect for money Create […]

Push and Pull

My Uchenna dance score commission deadline fast approaches. It’s been good fun working on it, is my compositional skill developing? I hope so. I am starting to see patterns in my musical style which is good, this awareness will mean I can take more compositional risks, (as I’m starting to grow bored of what I […]

New Commission, Another Sketch

Collaborating some more with Uchenna Dance co. Have learnt loads from previous commissions;  indeed the process never ends. Here’s a wicked bit of advice for budding dance composers like me. Today’s 30 min sketch, loops, playing with midi, ah, if only I could access live musicians more easily. This academic year’s challenge. Listen with headphones or […]

Episodes of Blackness

A dance piece I composed music for is being performed next month at Dance Xchange, 4th November. I’ll be sat at the back biting my nails, critiquing. Be there!

a sketch for today

I can’t compete with Anna Hardy’s photo a day challenge, but have been writing short bits and bobs. Here’s today’s grey cloud, cherry blossom meanderings: 29.3.11 Quite church-y at the start, maybe I’ll take it along to my rehearsal, see if we can turn it into something nice.