Viberian Son featuring Del The Funky Homosapien

Today feels like: Crazy ass week, some amazing life victories and some hard life lessons but I’m feeling stronger… Yosh!

Stir – Me – Nots

Crank it up!  

Bored in the USA

Great lyrics. I don’t normally notice them in songs, but I couldn’t not connect with them. Really striking!


Mission to the Land of Misplaced Words: “Shebeen Sounds” Shebeen Sounds research period will collect, via audio and photographs, folk songs, music and the associated memories that accompany them. The audio will form the basis of a soundscape that is played throughout the public residency and the images will form part of the visual projections […]

This is How a Garden Grows

Yes ESKA! Nice chords, on repeat.


Gwarn Kendrick!

Orchestral arranging

I was recently commissioned to arrange 3 works for opera singers and Birmingham Sinfonia. I really enjoyed the challenge. Here’s a wee snippet (not the best recording quality but you get an idea):

Good news news

For some time now, I’ve been really fed up with hearing about (mostly) bad news via the media, so typed ‘good news’ into my browser a few weeks back, I came across this website, The Good News Network. I like the following news stories: 1. Five Things We Need To Teach Our Girls About Female […]

Ten black composers you should know about

Planet For Sale

Feeling the spacey chords, simple harmonies & goosebumps at the start. I’d tailor the vocal line, some tuning issues. I like the low sustained notes sung at the beginning. Like the vibe though.


There was an opportunity to compose a one page score for top ensemble Noszferatu as part of Frontiers Festival. I was mad busy working/writing essays/finishing other pieces and had resigned myself to not being able to do so. However, when I spotted my name down on the list, I thought I’d rise to the challenge […]

String Arrangements

I have been asked to compose string arrangements for Lizzie Emeh’s new LP. I thought I’d find this quite easy as my compositions tend to be quite melodic, oh how naive of me! So as the stress levels have increased (writer’s block) – I decided to take a day off working on the tracks, start […]