Push and Pull

My Uchenna dance score commission deadline fast approaches. It’s been good fun working on it, is my compositional skill developing? I hope so. I am starting to see patterns in my musical style which is good, this awareness will mean I can take more compositional risks, (as I’m starting to grow bored of what I […]

New Commission, Another Sketch

Collaborating some more with Uchenna Dance co. Have learnt loads from previous commissions;  indeed the process never ends. Here’s a wicked bit of advice for budding dance composers like me. Today’s 30 min sketch, loops, playing with midi, ah, if only I could access live musicians more easily. This academic year’s challenge. Listen with headphones or […]

Episodes of Blackness

A dance piece I composed music for is being performed next month at Dance Xchange, 4th November. I’ll be sat at the back biting my nails, critiquing. Be there!

E14 baby!

I’ve spent most of today following the Vocab Dance brief of starting with a seed, so long intros. What excites me about the live performance aspect is seeing/hearing the vocal artists improvise over the loops I’ve created. 

a little reverb on the snare

Today’s sketch, i love playing with midi! rocky A little dubsteppy, bass line needs work.


I’ve been commissioned by Vocab Music to write some music for dance – inspired by youth culture. The brief is to create music that develops from a seed to include variation and development, mainly instrumental, loop based, hip hop deluxe. This morning I messed around with midi, thought I’d share some sketches. I’ve also been […]