Orchestral arranging

I was recently commissioned to arrange 3 works for opera singers and Birmingham Sinfonia. I really enjoyed the challenge. Here’s a wee snippet (not the best recording quality but you get an idea):

String Arrangements

I have been asked to compose string arrangements for Lizzie Emeh’s new LP. I thought I’d find this quite easy as my compositions tend to be quite melodic, oh how naive of me! So as the stress levels have increased (writer’s block) – I decided to take a day off working on the tracks, start […]

Chef Concertino

At the start of the year, I was fortunate to have an orchestral piece called “Chef Concertino” performed at Birmingham Conservatoire. The composition department has an annual competition where composition students can submit works to be performed; the best 6 are chosen. My performance incorporated two passions: food and music. It featured my chef uncle […]


Thanks to Vicki from Uchenna for thinking of me to compose a dance score for young people based in Andover!  The brief was for the piece to be 10 mins long, have a strong pulse and able to fit with wide range of dance styles Uchenna uses as its staple (house, African, voguing).

May sketch a day: black and white

black and white. african animal noise, sampled, fela kuti chatting ’bout demo-crazy, kalimba, marimba, time ran out. blackandwhite

May sketch a day: receipt

‘receipt’, found this on youtube, bish bash bosh, receipt oh dear, racist papa jons! mr.sergeant, nah, not tired of this, finding time to do it is the mission. still need to catch up on ‘drinks’, ‘fit’ & ‘letters’. hold tight! what am i learning? i like long intros, minimal sounds, i can write these sketches […]

May sketch a day: kitchen

kitchen sounds. one iPhone, record sounds in kitchen, edit in logic pro. job done. kitchen

May sketch a day: mum

nice synergy with it being mi ma’s birthday this week. a remarkable woman, i am biased, but t’is true. mum

May sketch a day: danger

danger, danger! danger what’s the name of that david lynch film, with the mask?

May sketch a day: funny

laughter. nuff said. a bit lazy this one, sorry. funny

May sketch a day: memory

well behind. still got 3 to do, but was able to blitz some today. a crazy week. here is memory. audio from youtubes ennit. i took the piano triad used on the video and messed around with it, took half the time, it is very simple. white notes. memory

May sketch a day: stranger

Day 9: Where are days 5-8? Coming, sorry, I had some teething problems and was away. Needed more time off-line. Today’s word: ‘Stranger’. Was a bit stuck, so perimeters quickly set; the orchestration was strictly for wind instruments. Mulled over what ‘stranger’ meant: think mysterious, unknown, my person is a bit quirky, smokes fags in […]