Gigbeth Conference

Tomorrow I shall be attending the Gigbeth conference held at quite a posh hotel. I am really looking forward to the music education part, speakers include: Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots), Janice Long (BBC Radio), Sheryl Garratt (Elle and Red), Rich Castillo (Shalit Global), Marc Jaffery (Music Manifesto), – never heard this chap speak before, (I heard […]


I work as a piano teacher and music leader. I teach piano at beginner and intermediate levels. I incorporate classical and popular styles of playing in my classes. I also include basic improvisation; keeping lessons fun, fast paced and insightful. I deliver workshops that focus on creative ensembles, composition, social media¬† and music technology. My […]

Ariba, Ariba!

Ariba Ariba, Andale, Andale!!! Speedy Gonzales by Stowe Boyd I have been running round delivering and learning lots, what with the end of summer term at school, applying for jobs, sorting work for September, Street Athletics, getting onto an exciting trainee animateur programme run by Spitalfields Festival and being in the later stages of learning […]

Meme: Passion Quilt

I have been tagged by mediasnackers’ DK regarding Ewan McIntosh‘s passion quilt meme. Rules: present an image and statement exploring your passion regarding teaching/learning. “The creative path leading to self-fulfillment and confidence, is an interminable process of trial and error”. I’ll be tagging: Antonio Gould– Executive Producer for 4Pioneers Clare Edwards– Runs Gigbeth- A diverse […]

Workshop Audio

Music generated from workshops I have (worked as a team or sole handedly) delivered. Gigbeth project that showcased some of Handsworth’s talent Elliot Mashed it up, with a funky beat, collaborating MCs and some blazing rhymes. Elisha A heart-breaking tune. Sad lyrics. Angel Really beautiful, conscious wifey tune. Keisha and Kelsey Some raw, meaty rhymes! […]