I work as a piano teacher and music leader. I teach piano at beginner and intermediate levels. I incorporate classical and popular styles of playing in my classes. I also include basic improvisation; keeping lessons fun, fast paced and insightful. I deliver workshops that focus on creative ensembles, composition, social media  and music technology. My […]

Ahh Betty!!

Written by Betty, a participant from Down Your Way project… ‘SOUND IT OUT’ about ‘DOWN YOUR WAY’ ‘There’s a big get together of youth and old age Over at Chivenor House on one of the day’s’ Would maybe be happy thought entered my head And would do what they told me whatever they said ‘Hello […]

New World Order

Well hello there! I hope this pre-summer lushness is sustained, sunshine makes the UK a nicer place. Smiles, and conversations! Woohoo! I feel it’s time for a lil Bobbie update, things are going well at the moment, one or two hiccups but I am philosophical about them… • The Spitalfields Music Apprentice Animateur Scheme is […]


Don’t fail me now, I need your wishes, wishes, wishes Don’t fail me now, I need your wishes, wishes, wishes I imagine those golden skies Window down and we’re caught in flight You can let the breeze, let the breeze cool you And I hope the wind blows out those fires of doubt If there’s […]