I work as a piano teacher and music leader. I teach piano at beginner and intermediate levels. I incorporate classical and popular styles of playing in my classes. I also include basic improvisation; keeping lessons fun, fast paced and insightful. I deliver workshops that focus on creative ensembles, composition, social […]


Time to learn guitar

Hey bobablog readers! Hope you are well and sun-kissed, the weather has been great! I implore Mother Nature to give us more of the same during the May – August months!! It’s been a wee while since I have blogged and so, here I am. Rather than bore you to […]


March has gone!

What’s been happening then? I’ve been mega busy! Completed the All Change Arts project ‘Fast Forward’ and we successfully managed to pull together a quality performance. I was really proud of the young lads from King Henry’s Walk (Youth Centre!) I learnt about production skills and was in charge of […]


Happy New Year!

Hope the teenies are a good one for you my loyal blog readers. 2009 has been a great year, there have been trials and tribulations and euphoric moments too. I have met some amazing people, loads of creatives. Moving to London has been good fun, I like the sense of […]