One year of Lickdown. Yes, licks. Mr. Johnson is looking like he’s been to hell and back and I’m not surprised, he’d been doing some dodgy deals with the grim reaper. Greed and capitalism may be winning in your eyes but what has it cost? How many lives? Words fail.

NPR are tearing it up at the moment

On a more positive note…. Loving this Tiny Desk Concert by Xavier Omär. What a voice! He makes singing look so effortless! It’s like he could be making a slap up dinner whilst he’s hitting those notes and melismatic runs… and those BVs!! I always underestimate male/female BVs in octaves. I often think people’s Tiny Desk performances are better than their recorded versions. I love the first two tracks, harmonies!! Wooohooo!!! 

There’s Light at the End of it

I recently collaborated with writer Rochi Rampal for a small commission from Black Country Touring for Culture Central’s ‘Springs Calling’ Spring Equinox project.  I think we did considering we had around two weeks to create it. In this piece, I played with passacaglias to connect with the monotony of Lickdown.

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