Respek Vanley: Music Workshops Sessions 3 & 4

We are getting there… thank goodness for that, as I’m having the trippiest dreams as the pressure is on.

Young people have written two original sets of lyrics for songs using the riddims of Steel Pulse and Burning Spear, I have an  a capella idea for the final ditty, we have one session left to devise/rehearse, using “Hail Him”. We shall see what the young people think of my idea.

Session 3: we had the lovely Rochelle help us with the session, we explored the relationship between nursery rhymes and reggae, as the genre playfully references loads of them:


We were able to sing nursery rhymes over “Marcus Garvey” and used the melodic structure for our own song and lyrics.


ringaring (For performance material using the melodic structures come hear it live!  The 7th, the 7th, the 7th July at mac).

Try it yourself if you like, I’ve gifted you the instrumental, which nursery rhyme works for you? 😉

Young people loved the discovery method applied to this, some initially saw it as babyish yet once they saw the results were won over.

Session 4: Holyhead musicians and kids came together for their first rehearsal. It went really well. Young people were buzzed. Seriously, their own backing band fromt the big school! Two Sessions to go!


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