May sketch a day: pink

Musical alphabet: A B C D E  F  G

pink =  b,b,g,d = my note row.

i can only use these notes. 30 mins. inspired by the question ‘what does pink feel like?’ pink is raw, pink is apparently girly, pink is sakura. pink shaded the colour of the sky when i climbed mt. fuji whilst severely hungover with ‘h’, (celebrating my move to tokys), i looked a right state after. d’oh. think mt. fuji is winning, yup, let’s go with the clouds. timer.

here she is: pink

hmmm, this sketch is my least fave, i like minor, moody shades, restricted by my note row. pah! then, again with a reframe, i am getting david lynch vibes. mulholland dr., what a creepy, amazing film. i’ll try harder next time.

1 thought on “May sketch a day: pink

  1. Ross says:

    Looking forward to this one; I’ve been asked to write a guest blog spot for roseipop on pink. This might give me a starting point.

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