May sketch a day: crush

Day 2: Crush. For that someone special you probably shouldn’t like, what a relief when they fade.

Kept to the 30 mins, thought I’d have a play with orchestral sounds this time, eurgh Logic Pro MIDI strings, need me some decent sounds.


This ‘only have half an hour’ time limit is fuuuunnn! Can I keep it up for a month? Hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “May sketch a day: crush

  1. ian says:

    Like the idea sounded like an acordian on my phone, liked the harps. Sentiment you have used to interpret is interesting. Keep it going only 28 days left

  2. Bobbie says:

    Ha! You missed the b-line listening on your phone, I’m all about them! Was gonna go for the crush/industrial sounds, but couldn’t quash the girly side. What can I say? I disappoint.

    Yikes, 28 days!

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