May sketch a day: blurry

absolutely shattered, so many places i should be tonight, sleepy, but gonna fight it. i blame the hunt for real-life xlr leads. ended up buying the blimmin’ things online whilst on the bus, was loads quicker, than failed attempt at maplin and hockley repairs shop, apparently the geezer will solder you up any leads you want. where he at? steve!

more ambient stuff, today’s remit was ‘blurry’. so no reference to damon albarn, straight in with synths. with 30 mins you have to go for it, no turning back.

use headphones, seriously, no, seriously bab, you’ll miss the bass frequencies….

does this sound blurry? my emotive response to having steamed up contact lens, steamy windows in a greasy spoon.

i know five people are listening: loz, marcus, rose, jen, sergeant, zip. feel free to say you don’t like ’em. developing a thick skin. i’m womaning up.

right, time to have a life. booze! sure this is day 4? 27 to go.

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