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Finding time to write this blog post has proven to be a mission… Nearly in April already! Seriously, wtf!  Time (yes, a constant) appears to racing ahead, feel like I am going to wake up an elderly woman at this rate! Anyway, I’ve some great projects happening at the moment. 

‘Push and Pull’ is going to be performed at the end of the month at thispushandpullblog1 second half


Need to do a last minute edit, stripped the track bare, so dance moves are the focus, I always add too much. Vicki from Uchenna‘s choreography is really powerful, I’m loving some of the voguing and wacking movements that depict the tensions faced in life’s pushes and pulls. I’ve been guilty of both, pushing and pulling others for my own happiness, when in fact a strong inner core is all I’ve ever needed, cue self-esteem power ballad LOL. The last section was written in reaction to the all too familiar, ubiquitous even, situations found in relationships, exploring feelings of being pushed into something undesired. Moods presented; blissfully blithe, confusion and tension upon the realisation of the ‘push’, it falling apart; flat out on the floor, numb when it’s all gone wrong, hence the piano yelling bit.

Kismet‘s Celestial Cinematic Kotch was good times: we had a lovely afternoon showing shorts, serving teas as part of Flatpack. Gutted I missed this:

Grandma Lo-Fi – Trailer from Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir on Vimeo.

Glad I saw the Robert Morgan shorts and the Outer Sight, Wild World shorts at the Edge. Both trippy and freaky in places.

Finally, I was successful in getting the BASS festival, Vanley Burke commission, so more composing! Here is some of blurb about what I am trying to do, just need to start it!

“‘Box Brownie’ is a music/community music project which pays homage to the photography of Vanley Burke – who captured images that served to document a more balanced survey of the black British experience, countering mainstream media’s often negative portrayal. Composer BG (moi) will create a bespoke work for an afro/classical ensemble combining strings, wind players afro-rhythm section and voice. There will also be performances by two local Handsworth schools.”


1 thought on “Movements Fi Make

  1. Ian Sergeant says:

    Well done Bobbie – looking forward to what you come up with – should be an interesting venture good to see the influence of the visual arts are taking you in new directions.

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