Kismet and Flatpack

Not sure whether I have mentioned this, but last year through conversation with miss Rose, started a project called Kismet. We are a group of likeminded creatives who want to run exciting, innovative activities in the cafe space at club PST (cuppled with nice tea and cake). I was in talks about using the space with Pecka and Specta well over a year ago, but didn’t have the time or capacity to run alone, meeting someone with a similar idea meant we could move further quicker.

We’ve hosted a taster event, fundraiser and are going to be hosting a space as part of Flatpack Film Festival. We are really excited about this.

“….in conjunction with Flatpack Film Festival, Kismet will host a chill-out space for those in need of a little respite in between events.

Armed with seasonal herbal teas, freshly made cakes, samosas, mellowing incense, short films, sound and animation, our love child of grassroots local creatives will provide the perfect atmosphere to relax, converse and sit back to experience some of the finest artistic talents to come from Birmingham and beyond.

All this and more, with a specially designed Sound/Art installation…”

Staring Stina Jones, Leon Trimble and little me.

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