What do you get if you cross a dodgy keys player, midi sounds, Logic Pro, an hour, excessive listening of Ravel and afrosounds?

A musical sketch which sounds like this: sketchy  (my bounces always end abruptly for this blog).

I know weird ennit. Gonna use it for Uchenna methinks, just so much tidying to do. Couldn’t resist the use of whole-tone scales. The oboe loop sounds wrong, will fixup. The beat underneath is gonna be a sampled kitchen appliance, or a heart beat; simply a guide for the moment. The hunt for live strings is on!

2 thoughts on “Sketchisimo

  1. Mark Mapstone says:

    Love these sketches Bob. The doodles are like a little work of art all on their own. Imagine a gallery of musicians ‘sketches’ like this printed and scattered about a city (on trees, seats and lampposts) each with a QR code attached linking to the audio file. People could wander around (on a mapped route?) and be entertained throughout – that would be some cool community music!

    Good thoughts – stay slippy 🙂


  2. Anna Hardy says:

    Brilliant Bobbie! Am always so amazed how you can knock these brilliant things up so quickly – talented lady! Have pointed my friend Jim (James Chambers) in your direction as he’s starting a 365 sketch a day type project too and I know he will love what you’ve been up to.

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