Spent the month away from the Midlands.

Started southside in Hastings with my beautiful friends Debs and Ben. I taught EFL in a beautiful school, swimming twice a week early each morning in the outdoor pool. I went from coughing, spluttering and wheezing (after just two lengths) to a much improved front crawl (and a minimum of 10). We visited Brighton, ate at a Thai restaurant set in a bookshop, made loads of nice veggie food and went on nice country walks. I am trying to be vegetarian. This is not easy. 

Had a lovely break down in Rome with my long time travel buddy Stephanie. I forgot why hanging is so easy: our shared book worme-ry, penchant for stationary, good food, analytical minds, love for travel and occasionally being silly billies. We’ve gone from being these lil munckins (2003), to this (2008), to experienced travellers and jaded site seers, in my opinion there’s no point seeing every iconic building as you wear yourself out and everything becomes an amalgam of one another – that’s my excuse:

Rome was hooootttt!! 34 – 37 degrees each day: scorchio! Food was good, but didn’t bowl me over, its subtle flavours and fresh produce give your palate a warm hug for sure and the cuisine is of a high standard…. However, it just doesn’t compare to the variety of dishes and flavours found in Japanese cuisine. I loved the fiore di zucca: courgette flowers stuffed with anchovies (sometimes mozzarella), the pasta was great too.

Finally, I saw another made-in-Japan chum Corin in Paris for my birthday. Fun times! I walked round Paris and found 2 cool record stores. I met some super humble and friendly DJs (not many French people I met were like that), promoters & collectors.

I’d been veggie for a month so wasn’t surprised to be taken to a traditional French restaurant for a birthday meal meat joint which was rammed called Le Clos Bourguignon (tut tut!). The French aren’t fond of us veggies, not one dish catered for me – okay one salad excluded, so I ate steak and escargot. The snails tasted boom, the steak I wasn’t bothered about – so silly breaking the veggie-ness for red meat. All in all a good day!! A much needed break!

Bring on Monday!

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