I’ve been commissioned by Vocab Music to write some music for dance – inspired by youth culture. The brief is to create music that develops from a seed to include variation and development, mainly instrumental, loop based, hip hop deluxe. This morning I messed around with midi, thought I’d share some sketches. I’ve also been bouncing ideas off other artists’ work, a challenge but good fun.

Funny what you can do under pressure. This sketch took 30 mins, very simple, but I like the bounciness. voca

This needs a lot of refinement, but anyho…. What do you think? Left hand is messy, need to practice! Lol! Quantize, Quantize, arpeggio exercises! The challenge is making it sound hip hop, slightly inspired by Dilla’s Suite for Ma Dukes.

Second one – audio sent through another artist, added some strings and a b-line.
lahaineresponseVienna Symphonic Library! Best orchestral sounds apparently.

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