The Waiting Room

Harborne Academy‘s waiting room transformed:

We faced several drawbacks, people not understanding the ideas of our transformed space, (especially older groups), some said there was not enough seating, some didn’t like it, but we quickly we addressed their concerns, and resolved any issues. 

We had a lot of positive feedback on the whole.

The making and design had little input from me, I enjoyed hearing young people’s ideas and being on the panel to choose the best designs.

I was brought in to to do social media and music sessions. I had around 3 and half hours with each group (year 8s) to make 8bit inspired, pacman-esque sounds. We used school equipment, macs with garageband, no midi controllers as budget was tight (music teacher was using them), I bought some 8bit computer samples and we made beats.

Here are two of my faves. I think the young people did really well considering it was their first time using the software, had little knowledge of musical arrangement.

Fizza Although it’s not very pacman, it followed students’criteria of being relaxing for waiting room users, there are subtle retro game sounds incorporated.

khaleel – well this one certainly has pacman vibes! Upbeat and cheeky!

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