3 thoughts on “a sketch for today

  1. Anna Hardy says:

    I find it so strange that you say that you can’t compete with my pic a day challenge, when to me it’s the other way round – I find it incomprehensible that you can just whip up a ‘sketch’ like that in no time at all! I’m just so impressed and am in awe of you being able to do that. Love it Bobbie!!!

  2. Bobbie says:

    I can whip up a sketch but the refinement process is where the art’s at, and I am lazy!
    This is why you have the camera and me the keyboard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobbiegardner My photos are poor, and the camera is not. LOL!

    Your photos evoke a huge range of emotions! Love them!! I can’t believe how you told me you had no talent/artform back in autumn ’09.
    Seriously Anna! Behave! Ubber talented.

  3. Marc Reck says:

    Lovely stuff mate! Subscribed to rss too. There’s loads of cool stuff on your blog! Keep up the great work Mx

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