Paganel Home Week Project Session 2

Chris and I returned to Paganel School to facilitate the second round of music and drama sessions. After today we have 2 sessions left to have material devised and rehearsed! The aim was to have local members of the community come in and be interviewed about their relationship with Weoley Castle and home. We got young people to devise questions about ‘home and identity’ and then to interview our guests.We had two dinner ‘people’  and students who arrived to the school at a later period be our interviewees. The young people asked some very interesting questions, moving from the geographical/’what can you see?’ questions, to more abstract; feelings about home.

The sessions were both successful, we were limited again in time as we had two assemblies that took off half an hour of time, but we got the backbone of devising drama and music performances; we always share at the end. I really enjoyed facilitating the dog song sketch; written in just 10 mins inspired by a tale of being unfortunate with pets (Chris and I became interviewees in the afternoon, I spoke about accidentally killing goldfish as a child, rottweilers etc). Props to Mr Harwood for the conducting and counting in! It’s great to see our year 4 teacher is gaining more confidence in leading, it would be great to work with staff and develop their ensemble leading, I think they are naturals!!  woofwoof

2 thoughts on “Paganel Home Week Project Session 2

  1. Steve Philp says:

    Wow Bobbie – that’s ACE! I love the way you’ve got from composition to production so swiftly. It would be great to do some staff training follow up next term. Also given that time is at a premium, do you think a better model for this kind of work might be over a regular period, say a day a week – or is this kind of more concentrated project better?

  2. Bobbie says:

    Hmmm, that’s an interesting question, it’s easier for me to do it intensively commuting wise, but maybe once a week will allow for homework, practicing learnt techniques on the kids… It was such a laugh writing that song! I liked the fact some lads said they didn’t like singing, and then joined in anyway cos they were having so much fun!

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